A short piece introducing my work in Triton Magazine

In Issues in Science and Technology.  Reprinted in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in print, and online

Social Sciences in China Press

The ISC’s Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS) released a statement on ethical responsibilities of scientists at a time of global threat. I was one of the authors.

Why Does Time Go By So Fast? We Asked STEM Experts to Explain

Discussion in Bustle magazine.

Is 2020 the Start of a New Decade? Some People Insist it's Not, and They May Have a Point

A silly but fun distraction in USA Today.  Movie

Are We All Wrong About Black Holes?

Craig Callender worries that the analogy between black holes and thermodynamics has been stretched too far. Interview with Quanta Magazine, featured in Wired and Apple News.

Neanderthal Among Us? Science Meets Fiction: A Discussion of the Motion Picture William

A panel discussion with Tim Disney and a few fascinating scientists about the film William. UCTV link.

Can Time be Saved From Physics?

This is an article about my work and a conference I ran in La Jolla on time, physics, psychology and philosophy.

This was a panel discussion on time moderated by Kim Hill on the amazing Great Barrier Island. Here is a write-up by journalist Joanna Wane.

What Is Time?

A Radio New Zealand interview by Jim Mora.

KPBS features my species scavenger hunt in their story. Click to watch the television, hear the radio, or read the write-up.

How to Spot Quantum Mumbo-Jumbo

A talk at the San Diego Skeptic Society

SD Who Con

Who Con is the Dr Who version of Comic Con. I was on a panel about time travel organized by the Fleet Science Center, October 2018.

San Diego Magazine's 26 Big Ideas, 2016

Can Time Go Backwards?

Cityfiles, Spring 2015, San Diego Magazine interview.

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

Science Channel, Season 6, episode 2, aired May 6, 2015

Subject Matters

A public Q&A after the April 5, 2014 showing of Time and the Conways, Old Globe Theater (San Diego)

Falling Through Time

A public lecture broadcast on ABC TV Big Ideas.  It was shown on Aug 27, 2013 on ABC1 and repeated on ABCNEWS24.  Outside Australia only the unedited version is available.

Tick-tock tussles: Why physicists can't agree on time

Interview with Australian Science

The New Great Time War

The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National, Oct 6, 2013. Interviewed by Joe Gelonesi with Huw Price. 

Nothing To See Here: Demoting the Uncertainty Principle

New York Times. July 22, 2013. The Stone. Mentioned also in Mother Jones.  Also: Return of the Stingy Oddsmaker: A Response.   

A Matter of Time

Video of NPR's Ira Flatow interviewing me, Tim Maudlin, Max Tegmark and Paul Davies at the 2013 World Science Festival. I do my spiel at about the 54 minute mark.

Public Salon at the World Science Festival, 2013, New York

Closer to the Truth

Videos of interviews by Robert Kuhn of PBS. I talk about time, emergence, laws of nature, quantum mechanics, and basically, everything, all the while using my hands a lot. They take place in the gorgeous University of Copenhagen library.

Evolving Time's Arrow

A profile of my work for FQXi

Time Lord

3AM Interview with Richard Marshall. Reprinted in the book, Philosophy at 3AM.

Scientific American, 2010. Selected as Notable in Best American Science and Nature Writing 2011, Folger. 

FQXi Podcast, Carinne Piekema

Discussions with Julian Barbour, Jay Odenbaugh, Tim Maudlin, and Peter Wait

Philosophy TV

Discussion with Sean Carroll

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