Here are my latest courses. Links, where available, will take you to past or current syllabi. Scroll down for a list of some past courses. This Fall 2021 I teach the Philosophy PhD Proseminar and in the Spring 2022 I teach PHIL 148, Philosophy and the Environment.

PHIL 24: Science vs Pseudoscience

Today more than ever before we are bombarded by information dressed in scientific garb. With news organizations, politicians, dark money, industry and fake academic journals all trying to fool us, how are we supposed to make rational judgements? 

PHIL 146: Philosophical Foundations of Physics

This quarter we focus on the nature of space and time, moving from puzzles in ancient and classical spacetimes to those in relativity theory.

PHIL 148: Philosophy and the Environment

Explores contemporary environmental issues from the perspective of philosophy. I mix theoretical problems in philosophy with practical problems facing us today. Many of the assignments will be project-based.

PHIL 245: Philosophy of Science

This version of the courses focused on science, values and society.


Past Courses